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Magnifying Glass

Find Replacement Parts for the Align Production Systems Family of Products

Magnifying Glass

Need Help Finding What You’re Looking For?

Our support team is ready to assist with replacement parts and accessories for your Align, Airfloat, and Hedin equipment.

About the APS Brand Family

Material Handling Solutions for Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Align Production Systems

Top-quality manufacturing equipment. Turntables, Welding Positioners, Lifts, Tilts, Rotate Tables, Conveyor Systems, & more. Align offers custom-engineered solutions to meet your demands.
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Hedin USA

Battery-Powered manufacturing transport systems. Platform Transporters, Pallet Transporters, Power Tuggers, Mold & Die Systems, AGVs. A joint partnership with Hedin Lagan.
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Air Caster material handling solutions for moving and positioning heavy and difficult to position loads with low friction, omnidirectional, high-efficiency air caster technology.
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